About ZephyrCharts

ZephyrCharts features six different types of aviation charts which can be used over the internet or downloaded for use while flying. The app also contains an embedded database with local radio and runway information for over forty-five thousand registered airports around the world. Users can pick and choose their destination and receive up-to-date information as they fly.


Because of all the images, the aviation charts can take up several GB of space. Additionally, the database for airport information is very large and slow if not handled correctly. Both of these things have to be available for offline use while flying, as well as heads-up information like location, speed, altitude, and Zulu time. This all needs to be done quickly for the app to be useful.


Normally, you would keep all of that data on a server, but because it has to available offline, we created systems for downloading the charts on both Android and iOS. On both platforms, the airport data is embedded, so any use can get directions to an airport or helipad near them, even without charts downloaded or an internet connection.


A fast, convenient app for pilots that is both affordable and easy-to-use and fits to their preferences and specifications. In our recent deployment on Android, we redesigned the app with a simplified, sleek material design and new functionalities that users will love.